Community Council

What is Community Council?

Community Council is one of the ways that schools are able to get parents involved in school decision making and the school improvement process.  The Community Council is comprised of parents and school staff who work together to improve the quality of education at the school.  One of the primary duties of the school Community Council is to oversee the expenditure of School LAND Trust Program money that is provided to the school each year. Community Councils also provide stakeholder input on school level issues and activities.  It is a great way for parent to take an active role in what is happening at school.  

2018-19 Final Report

At the end of each school year, the Community Council is tasked with developing a School Improvement Plan for the coming school year.  In this plan improvement goals are established for the school.  The members of the Community Council also outline in this plan how School LAND Trust Funds will be used to support these school improvement goals.

In October, a Final Report is compiled for the previous school year’s School Improvement Plan.  This report outlines how School LAND Trust funds were actually spent and how well goals in the School Improvement Plan were met.  A summary of this report for the 2018-19 school year is available by clicking on the link below.   

Estimated 2020-21 School LAND Trust Distribution – $20,240